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Frank Welch, M.D.

Medical Director, Action Men's Health

Dr. Frank Welch, MD, MSPH, FACPM is a board certified Preventive Medicine Specialist. He is a highly skilled practitioner in the fields of Testosterone and HGH in adult men.

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Our Doctors have diagnosed and treated thousands of men with age-related symptoms of low testosterone (andropause) and human growth hormone .  Ask yourself:

Are 30 years old or older?
Are you feeling tired all of the time?

Feeling a lack of motivation and self being?

Struggling to build and maintain muscle?

Experiencing lack of libido and function?

Feeling depressed and reclusive?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above symptoms, you could benefit by scheduling a free consultation with one of our highly trained staff.  We are tuned in to the importance of patient education, and strive to help you reach your health goals – including answering any questions you have. 

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